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Adverse Possession in Puerto Rico

August 20, 2012 Leave a comment

On January 24, 2008, I published an article on this blog which I have expanded and re-published at which you may access and read here completely free.

The revised article is fully applicable to adverse possession claims in Vieques.


Santiago F. Lampón

Bravos de Boston Titles – The Basics

April 8, 2008 Leave a comment

I want to go over certain basic information over the Bravos de Boston title situation for the benefit of the general public, meaning those who are not necessarily familiar with the area.  As I develop this series I will provide more specifics to the extent possible.


Bravos de Boston is a sector of Vieques recorded within the Puerto Rico Property Registry as one piece of land of about 300 “cuerdas” or 11,791.17 square meters, which is 3,930.39 square meters per “cuerda”.  For your information and reference, one “acre” is 4,046.90 square meters.  This land or area is named as the Santa María Resettlement Track for Property Registry purposes.


In contrast to what appears in the Property Registry, Bravos de Boston is divided into more than 860 independent lots varying in size from 140 square meters to lots measuring various thousands of meters.  The history of this sector and how this “segregation” came about is quite interesting but not the subject of this article.


Back in the 80’s, the Municipality of Vieques began work on creating records on the Bravos de Boston lots.  These records were prepared by hand and penciled into millimeter paper literally pasted together by scotch tape.  GPS was not available to surveyors and engineers, so everything was done by hand and what today are archaic instruments.  These documents are in surprisingly good condition and worth looking at for anyone wondering about the history of this sector of Vieques.


The current set of plans is comprised of 20 pages which contain detailed information on every parcel or lot in Bravos de Boston except for those located along the coast line.


The fact that these lots do not appear in the Puerto Rico Property Registry, does not mean that their occupants are not the rightful “owners” of these lots.


I will continue with this subject in my next article.


Very truly yours,



Santiago F. Lampón



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