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The Vieques and Culebra Ferry – The Senate Hearings – The News

February 7, 2011 Leave a comment

In an article by Joel Ortiz Rivera of El Nuevo Día, Mr. Ortiz reports that there is a consensus on the proposed new fees for the ferry for non-residents of Vieques.  This article is the result of hearing held by the Senate of Puerto Rico at Vieques on Saturday, February 5th.  I recommend you read it.  You may copy it into Google Translator.

Pursuant to Mr. Ortiz and the press release he is reporting on, the essence appears to be that:  improvements to the service first, higher fees later.

Mr. Ortiz further reports that Senator Lornna Soto stated:

First we have to attend to the financial restructuring, evaluate the schedule for the employees and the routes and evaluate separating the ATM before increasing the fees.

It is not clear from Mrs. Soto’s statement what she means by “separating the ATM” yet the statement reflects that a thorough look at how the ATM operates and delivers is mandated.

Other reactions have been circulated in the community and, while the Senate’s attention to this issue is appreciated, the consensus is that immediate action is needed.

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