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November 23, 2016 Leave a comment

Here is a link to a post at announcing a series of events scheduled for the month of December 2016 at the Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust located at El Malecón in La Esperanza.


Here is a link to the VCHT site.

Very Truly Yours,

Santiago F. Lampón


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Mónica Puig into Semi-Finals at Rio Olympics — Repeating Islands

August 12, 2016 Leave a comment

Puerto Rican tennis player Mónica Puig has inched closer to her dream of an Olympic medal by defeating Germany’s Laura SIegemund 6-1, 6-1, to reach the semi-finals of the women’s single tennis competition. Were Puig to win an Olympic medal, it would only be the 9th medal won by a Puerto Rican athlete since they […]

via Mónica Puig into Semi-Finals at Rio Olympics — Repeating Islands

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May 11, 2016 Leave a comment has reported that the candidates to the post of Governor of Puerto Rico will be visiting Vieques to discuss the environment, development, health and other issues of particular importance to Vieques.

The first visit comes from the candidate for party supporting the independence of Puerto Rico, Senator María de Lourdes Santiago.  The event will take place at the FARO PUNTA MULAS starting at 11:30 AM on Sunday, May 15, 2016.

Also confirmed to visit the island are:

Manuel Cidre – A candidate for Governor who is running as an independent.

David Bernier – Who is running under the Popular Democratic Party, which is the party of the Mayor of Vieques, Honorable Victor Emeric.

Other candidates appear to have been invited but are yet to be confirmed.  In this regards, the New Progressive Party will be holding a primary to decide who will be running for Governor on behalf of the party.

There is another candidate running as an independent.  Her name is Alexandra Lúgaro.

The report from Vieques Blog further states that the forums are sponsored by community groups favoring the environment, health and the development of Vieques, and the names in Spanish are: VER; Colectivo Yayi; and Vidas Viequenses Valen.

I continue to recommend that you register at to receive their notices.  They regularly publish in both English and Spanish.

Very truly yours,

Santiago F. Lampón

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Vieques Municipal Finances

January 26, 2016 1 comment

Gypsy García Córdova is the President of the Vieques City Council.  Today, January 26, 2016, he made some declarations regarding the town’s financial condition in attention to a newspaper article recently published on the subject.

Here is the unedited statement which he made available in English and which I reproduce unedited and with his permission.

Very truly yours,

Santiago F. Lampón



“Referring to today’s publication in which the Mayor Emeric makes tax issues dire warnings, I would like to clarify some points which I refer ahead.

“The Municipality of Vieques closed its fiscal year in surplus in the last three years, duly certified by the Comptroller’s Office.

“Currently the Municipality of Vieques ended an accumulated debt of $ 6 million dragging of the past 15 years, today January 2016 the accumulated debt is $ 0.00

“By order of Law under the leadership of former Governor Sila Calderon (2001) an annual subsidy of about $3 million for Vieques, that due to the government’s fiscal crisis have not met with Vieques, as yet they have not made many citizens with their tax refunds. Therefore, a municipality of Vieques being limited financial resources, this situation could affect the continuity of work of many employees.

“That said, it does not mean under any circumstances mismanagement of finance, overdraft or the proposed annual budget of the municipality that is still in effect until 30 / June / 2016.

“The administration and its Mayor Mr. Victor Emeric, has been very diligent and responsible with its economy and fiscal health. In fact, due to the strong media pressure the central government will make a partial payment to the Municipality to ensure employee payroll this week, as it undertook to identify funds as soon continuity.


Gypsy I. Garcia Cordova
President Legislature Vieques

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Important Notice – Patente Municipal

March 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Vieques Chamber of Commerce

English below
La Administración Municipal y la Cámara de Comercio de Vieques, les invita a una importante reunión en el Centro de Usos Múltiples el 23 de marzo 2011 a las 7:00 p.m. para ofrecerles una orientación sobre la Ley 172 del 15 de noviembre de 2010.
La Ley #172 le da autoridad al gobierno a proveer un período de gracia a aquellos que no han pagado sus impuestos o patentes o estan tarde pagandolas. El Municipio está usando esta ley, la cual es dirigida a los individuos, y la está aplicando al comercio de Vieques que no está pagando patente. Los comercios tienen hasta el 15 de abril 2011 para someter su papelería de actividad comercial de 2003-2009 y tienen hasta junio 30 2011 para pagarlas. De acuerdo a esta ley, cualquiera que sea elegible para participar en este proceso y opta por no hacerlo o falla en cumplir con sus impuestos o patente será sujeto a penalidades, intereses y recargos que con la nueva ley serán 200% de la cantidad adeudada. Normalmente la patente tiene una penalidad de 10% cuando la demora de 60 días o más.



The Vieques Municipality and the Chamber of Commerce invite all businesses to attend an important meeting at the Centro de Usos Múltiples on March 23, 2011 ats 7:00 p.m. to receive an orientation about Law 172 from Nov 15, 2010.

Law 172 gives authority to government to provide a grace period to those who have not paid income taxes and/or patente or are late paying them. The Municipality is using this law, which is directed to the individuals, and applying it to commerce in Vieques that are not paying patente. Businesses have unti April 15 to submit their paperwork for business activity from 2003-2009 and have until June 30th to pay them. According to othis law anybody eligible to participate in this process but chooses not to o fails to comply with his/her tax/patente responsibility will be subjected to penalties, interests and fees which this new law says will be 200% of the amount required to be paid. Normally the patente late fee for payments over 60 days late is 10%.


Important Seminar for Hotel/Guest House Owners in Vieques and Culebra

March 9, 2011 3 comments

Various agencies related to the environment and economic development in Puerto Rico, will be delivering a training specifically tailored for hotel and guest house owners in Puerto Rico.

In Vieques, it will be held at the Centro de Usos Múltiples on March 28, 2011 starting at 5:00 pm.  In Culebra it will be held at “Escuela Ecológica” on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 starting at 6:00 pm.  A third training will be held in the City of Carolina, at the “Universidad del Este” on Thirsday, March 31, 2011.

I will be attending the Vieques training and will try to attend the one at Culebra as well.  I encourage all individuals associated with hotels and guest houses to attend the training in his/her area.

For more information on the training, contact Carolina Morales at the Puerto Rico Tourism Company at 787-781-2400 xt 229 or e-mail her at with your questions.

Very truly yours,

Santiago F. Lampón

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Friday, January 21, 2011 – Cayo Blanco – 5 PM – “The Islanders” and FREE Chili

January 13, 2011 Leave a comment
“The Islanders” under the direction of Will Colon will once again entertain you with their top notch steel drum playing.
Friday, January 21, 2011 – Cayo Blanco – 5 PM – “The Islanders” and FREE Chili prepared by Lee Vyborny, last year’s VHS Chili Contest winner, Diva Cookie Romero’s husband and a few other people.  Salad by Mara the Sprout Lady and Beverly from Orquideas. Potato Salad and Arepas by Carmen Noeila from Incubadora and Desserts by Vin.  The pinchos went fast.  The chili will go fast.  Get there early.
Afterwards, at 6:00 PM, there will be a Pool Tournament with Vieques’ best pool players competing for a $50.00 1st prize and a Trophy.
This annual event is a crowd pleaser.
Spread the word.
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Vieques Artist – Sandra Reyes

January 12, 2011 4 comments

Vieques artist, SANDRA REYES, presents her newest exhibition of ceramic, glass and painting this







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Important Announcement from the Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust

December 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Here is an important announcement from Barbara Hyland, President of the Trust.

Besides offering a timely opportunity for your Christmas shopping, I love the announcement of a program for children to enjoy the beauty of Vieques guided by Captain Mark Martin.


Dear Members and  Friends

The Gift shop at the Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust is making some room for some exciting new products so we are having a sale this week…Up to 50% off on some items.  Most everything else is 20% off. Only until Sunday Dec 4th.  Good opportunity for some Christmas shopping…

Every purchase at the Gift Shop is a donation to help support programs at the Trust — like the MANTA environmental education, the Scholarship program and the new Bioluminescent Bay monitoring program.

We have the dates for the  MANTAstic environmental learning experience for young visitors to Vieques: December 22, 29 and 30. Also January 3,4. The program will start at 9 am and run until 2 pm. Each session we will accept up to a maximum of 10 kids  8-15 years old — but they must be good swimmers. They are going to be working with Captain Mark Martin who will be performing his usual magic with the young people. There will be kayaking and snorkeling, collecting and releasing marine creatures and other adventures. Watch Captain Mark catch a lionfish! As part of the registration each student will receive a special glow in the dark MANTA t-shirt and book on Vieques flora and fauna.

The cost will be $100 per student, per day  ($70 and a donation of $30 towards the regular MANTA program). Children can attend one or more days.

Registration must be at least 3 days before the program date (earlier if you want to be sure of a place) and kids should bring: Hat, sunblock, water, comfortable hiking shoes (no flip flops), bathing suit, towel. Also kids should bring their own lunch.

If you are interested, please email back or call and we will send you registration and permission forms.

Best wishes for the holiday season.


Barbara Hyland
Calle Flamboyán 138
Vieques, PR 00765
787 245 4748
Fax 787 741 2844


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Appeal to the First Circuit Court of Appeals – Boston

December 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Here is an article published by EL NUEVO DIA with the link to the original article and a translation as provided by Kathy Gannett.


(Scroll down for English version)

Viequenses apelan al Primer Circuito

Pieden revivir la demanda en contra de la Marina de Guerra

Por El Nuevo Día
WASHINGTON –  Los más de 7,000 viequenses que demandaron a la Marina de Guerra de Estados Unidos por los daños causados como consecuencia de sus entrenamientos militares en Vieques llevaron ayer su reclamo ante el Primer Circuito Federal de Apelaciones, en Boston (Massachusetts).

El abogado de los viequenses, John Arthur Eaves, hijo, anunció hoy la apelación de la desestimación del caso que hiciera el juez federal de San Juan Daniel Domínguez.

“El manto de la seguridad nacional puede ser amplio, pero no creo que permita que las agencias de gobierno perjudiquen a los ciudadanos americanos a sabiendas, violen la ley y encubran todo bajo la teoría jurídica de la inmunidad soberana”, indicó Eaves, en una declaración escrita.

Según el abogado,  documentos internos de la Marina de Guerra de los Estados Unidos confirman que esa rama militar violó las leyes de la Agencia Federal de Protección Ambiental al arrojar contaminantes en Vieques.

“Además, promovieron que el ganado pastara en tierras que sabían que estaban contaminadas y promovieron la pesca en aguas llenas de sustancias cancerígenas”, agregó Eaves.

Domínguez – a solicitud del Departamento de Justicia federal – reconoció la “inmunidad soberana” del Gobierno estadounidense, como parte de su “función discrecional” en el ejercicio de su política pública.

Eaves le solicitó al Primer Circuito de Apelaciones que ordene al Tribunal Federal de San Juan retomar la demanda de más de 7,000 viequenses que consideran que su salud ha sufrido como consecuencia de las seis décadas de bombardeos de la Armada estadounidense.


Viequenses File Appeal at the First Circuit

More than 7,000 Viequenses who sued the US Navy for damages caused as a result of military training in Vieques brought their claim to the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston (Massachusetts.)

The lawyer for the Viequenses, John Arthur Eaves, Jr., announced the filing today. The case was dismissed byfederal judge Daniel Dominguez.

“The mantle of national security may be broad but I don’t believe that it allows government agencies to knowingly injure Americans, violate the law, and cover it up all under the legal theory of sovereign immunity,” said Eaves.

According to the legal counsel, internal US Navy documents confirm that the US Navy broke EPA laws by dumping contaminants on Vieques.

“In addition, they actually promoted cattle grazing on land they knew was contaminated and promoted fishing in waters filled with carcinogens,” added Eaves.

Dominguez -at the request of the US Department of Justice- acknowledged the “sovereign immunity” of the U.S. government as part of its “discretionary function.”

Plaintiffs are asking the First Circuit Court of Appeals to order the Federal Court of San Juan to hear the claims of more than 7,000 Viequenses who believe their health has been impacted as a result of six decades of U.S. Navy bombing.


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