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How to Help the BVIs from Vieques

September 12, 2017 Leave a comment Go to comments

I read an interesting and encouraging post on Facebook which Kate Cole from El Quenepo shared.

The original post came from Jillian Anderson  and she is coordinating with Christian Evans the delivery of goods to Tortola and, miraculously, they are also airlifting Americans who are stuck on the island over to Vieques with the authorization of the US Boarder Patrol.

These individuals are magicians and are bringing true and effective help to the most needed.  This is how you and I can help them to continue to achieve their desire to help.

Here is the post from Jillian:

“Hello Everyone – It’s really hard for Christian Evans and the crew to accept monetary donations (PR Taxes ect are way to complicated) It would be best if you could donate physical supplies by either dropping them off at the Shanklin Farm in Esperanza or shipping them here to Vieques via Amazon or Ebay. PO Box 1262 or PO Box 1084. Vieques, Puerto Rico 00765.  I’ll be here at the Shanklins collecting supplies, emailing and coordinating all day.  Thanks so much!!!!”

This is all I have except for one tidbit more.

I believe I did see another post in which they were accepting money to pay for fuel.  This you would have to verify with Jillian herself, and she should be easy to find through Facebook.

Well, there you have it.  Another way in which you and I can help notwithstanding the distance.

Very truly yours,



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