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Tittle Clearing in Puerto Rico – Transcript

Hello to you!
I am leaving you with this transcript on how tittle clearing works in Puerto Rico and how I can help you! It is not hard, but it becomes even easier when you have the data.
Truly yours,
Santiago Lampón
Hello, my name is Santiago Lampon, I am a real estate lawyer and notary in Puerto Rico and welcome to Puerto Rico legal blog.
If you have some questions after I speak to you you can send me an email or you can drop me a phone call. I am going to talk about title clearing in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico practice, the notary practice is quite different to that across United States but it does not mean that I cannot be done and that it cannot be understood. It is a matter of knowing the ins and outs of the system, how it works and how we make it work .
Let’s take for example , title clearing. Title clearing in Puerto Rico Obviously refers to the property registry in Puerto Rico. The difference is that the way we put documents in the property registry and the way we remove the liens is different to most of the united states. You need a notary to work on the removal of the liens. They are liens that you can remove without the help of the notary but the notary usually knows the ins and outs of the property registry and depending on the section of the registry has a direct working relationship with that register. The thing is that we know and need to know what needs to be done. The issue is how to get the lien removed, what documents you need , how to prepare them, how to file them, the rights that you need to pay. The thing is that it can be done, we just show you how it gets done . So if you have a title issue in Puerto Rico and it needs to be clear. Recoding of the title needs to be done correctly or a lien has to be removed so that the title is completely clean , we can help you. The point is that we need to know what the lien is ,why was the lien recorded, who was it recorded against because we have a lot of [Inaudible] in Puerto Rico. How do identify if that line belongs to that property , that’s the thing. So title clearing and lien removal in Puerto Rico is completely doable. If you have a question about how to do it , how to solve property foreclosing, give me a call or send me an email. Again my name is Santiago Lampon, a real estate lawyer and notary in Puerto Rico and I hope you have a great day.
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