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Puerto Rico 2016 – A current state of affairs

Yesterday, I was listening to a radio show on my way home and the subject was the financial issues being faced by the Government of Puerto Rico.  Of course, any subject enjoys a gama of points of view and plenty of people willing to share their opinion with the rest of us.  I am doing it right now.

Yet, one fellow came up and stated the following:  “The Government has shot itself in the foot.  Lack of delivery of services, making things to complicated for the rest of us, irresponsible financial practices, corruption and a series of decisions from administration to administration that has taken them to their current condition.  Yet I, as a  business person, I am doing well.  Business owners are doing well.”

A few hours before listening to this fellow on the radio, I was being interviewed on TV Channel 4.  The reporter asked me about the economy and I had given the reporter a similar response.

I was very happy to see that I am not the only one with the point of view I share on this post.  I am a firm believer that one creates his or her future.  Real estate business is no exception.

I am blessed to have earned the trust of a group of brokers who are hard, ethical professionals always working hard to succeed.  These professionals work with me and my team every week to make real estate transactions a reality, and we do not have time for nor allow any negativity to sorround us at anytime.  Negativity is not allowed in our environments.  We are all being successful, but it is noteworthy that we work hard for that success.

Tough times do exist, but if one works hard, has a good work ethics, has the knowledge on what to do and goes out and actually does it, one will be most likely to succeed.

It is undeniable that Puerto Rico’s Government is going through some difficult times as a result of a series of practices and bad decisions politicians have taken throughout the years.

Notwithstanding this, Puerto Rico’s businesses are stepping up to the plate by improving their services, caring more for their clients, offering better products and better services, and seeking the prosperity available to anyone who works hard to earn it.

Puerto Rico is very well alive, and business people all over the island love being here and work very hard to make Puerto Rico a true island of enchantment.

Welcome home!

Very truly yours,

Santiago F. Lampón

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