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Governor of Puerto Rico and Same Sex Marriage


The link will take you to an article which reports that, allegedly,  the Governor of Puerto Rico is set to “change the laws” of Puerto Rico in light of the US Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriages.

I do not know if the report is accurate or not, but I will share my point of view.

First, a governor cannot change a law.  The Governor can initiate the process by filing a bill asking the House and the Senate to consider and approve a law making revisions to Puerto Rico marital law articles.

Second, I would expect that the decision by the US Supreme Court– once it becomes final–would operate on itself.  Of course a reconsideration could be filed, and all that is needed is 1 Supreme Court Judge to change sides for the ruling to go against same-sex marriages.  Though unlikely, it could happen.

We need to wait and see on all of the above.  Nevertheless,  I do believe the writing is on the wall.


Santiago F. Lampón

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