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When is the possession of your property in danger?

Through a few of my posts I have covered the importance of possession, but apparently the subject requires further discussion. 

It is also apparent that this subject is becoming increasingly important in some areas of Vieques and warrants further discussion.  This time, I am going to begin with a question.

What would you do if one day ou came back to your home and found a stranger claiming possession or ownership of your property?

You would not stand by and do nothing, right?   The same standard applies to properties in Puerto Rico even if there is no house or structure built upon it.  If your possession is interrupted you need to take action.

Usually, in my experience, when someone has had its possession interrupted it is because the person did not take care of the property in the first place.  Fortunately there is always an oorotunity to handle rhe situation if confronted in a timely fashion.

Possession is something that requires action of one kind or another.  If it is land, it needs to be cleared with some regularity and the fences kept in good shape.  Of there is a house, even if abandoned it needs to be looked after.  Another option is to have someone visit the property every now and then and report back to you on its condition.

Juat note that you have to do something with your property, or you may be literally leaving the door open for someone else to do something,  regardless if the property is titled or not.

If your possession has been snatched by someone, you can take action to snatch it right back to you, but it requires diligent motion on your part.

As a final note, nothing here is meant to promote the use of violence.  There are many legal tools available to enforce your rights at any given time. 

One note of caution: besides remaining motionless, time can be your worst enemy.

I hope this helps.


Santiago F.  Lampón

  1. william Roberts
    March 14, 2017 at 4:53 pm

    Regarding repossession or “taking” of land in Monte Carmelo in 2016-17. Last August, and again in December two small parcels of land bordering my property were cleared by two different parties. They exist as separate lots on the property map at Vivenda. These lands were sold by my neighbor prior to 2006 (not to these men now clearing them). I have never seen them posted or cleaned in 11 years until now. I have heard Vivienda is selling or giving away unattended lots in Monte Carmelo, and know of 2 first hand accounts.
    Is this true and is it a practice which Vivienda is still doing? Can you elaborate on these events? Muchas Gracias

    • March 15, 2017 at 9:57 am

      Thank you for your question on a very important and also delicate subject. I am going to respond by commenting on general information available to anyone who walks into Vivienda’s office in Carolina and asks.

      Vivienda is in fact actively assigning abandoned lots in Monte Carmelo to individuals who apply and qualify pursuant to the requirements established by Vivienda.


      Santiago F. Lampón

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