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MANTASTIC Kids Need You!

Dear Readers:

Please read this message below (posted with Mary’s permission) and consider helping this wonderful program.  I am making a donation on behalf of my family and hope that you decide to join in this effort as well.

To contact the Vieques Conservation & Historical Trust call 787-741-8850.

Truly yours,

Santiago F. Lampón


Dear friends,

I need your help promoting the VCHT’s summer day camp program for kids – Camp Mantastic. This is an offshoot of the highly successful and popular MANTA program that Mark Martin and company have been doing for several summers promoting natural resource education and conservation in Vieques. Everyone who knows Mark understands how beneficial this activity is and what far-reaching effects it may have.

I can attest to what a great program this is from personal experience as a volunteer and because Kirk’s grandson attended Camp last year and is a better person for it! I can’t say enough about what a fantastic opportunity this is for young viequenses as well as other kids.

So, if you don’t know any kids that may be interested in attending, there are local children we can sponsor. Kirk & I did this last year and it was veryrewarding.

What I need from you today is a commitment of $250 for your own child or grandchild or one whose name you don’t know but whom you’d like to give a chance to be involved in learning about and learning to love our Isla Nena.

Generally, I promote actions over cash when trying to get people involved in a worthy cause, however, especially for those of you who spend your summers away from Vieques, this is an excellent opportunity for you to do something that really makes a difference – to the island, to its people, to the way we encourage our youth to live their lives.

Please consider donating whatever you can to this project and if it’s less than the full camp tuition I’ll match it with other donations to send a worthy kid to camp. They’re all worthy, right?

Don’t let me down. I’m counting on you – Mary

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