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Important Seminar for Hotel/Guest House Owners in Vieques and Culebra

Various agencies related to the environment and economic development in Puerto Rico, will be delivering a training specifically tailored for hotel and guest house owners in Puerto Rico.

In Vieques, it will be held at the Centro de Usos Múltiples on March 28, 2011 starting at 5:00 pm.  In Culebra it will be held at “Escuela Ecológica” on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 starting at 6:00 pm.  A third training will be held in the City of Carolina, at the “Universidad del Este” on Thirsday, March 31, 2011.

I will be attending the Vieques training and will try to attend the one at Culebra as well.  I encourage all individuals associated with hotels and guest houses to attend the training in his/her area.

For more information on the training, contact Carolina Morales at the Puerto Rico Tourism Company at 787-781-2400 xt 229 or e-mail her at CMorales@PRTourism.com with your questions.

Very truly yours,

Santiago F. Lampón

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  1. Jam
    July 17, 2012 at 1:10 pm

    Could you comment and/or educate home owners on the law regarding renting their homes for either long term rentals or vacation rentals in Vieques. The differences and legal requirements to do either and how it differs between the two types of rentals.

    thank you.

    • July 23, 2012 at 12:51 pm

      I thank you for your question. Under Puerto Rico Law, there is no difference as far as requirements under contract law. There are nonetheless differences in application, particularly with regards to the short-term (vacation) rental.

      With short-term rentals, the property usually includes other services like cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, the short-term also involves a property manager who will be representing the owner. This in itself is a seperate contract which also concerns the property owner. As an additional complexity, the property would be rented with furniture, working appliances, accessories for the beach and perhaps a car providing an additional level of complexity and, of course, potential liability.

      Long-term rentals are simpler, but they also have other issues not present in the short-term. With short-term, you know the individuals will leave since they are not residents. With long-term rentals, overstays and damages to the property is always a consideration.

      With either short-term or long-term rental agreements, the wording needs to be tailored to the circumstances of the rental and must anticipate areas of breach and the expected consequences in the event of such a breach. An agreement which is not specific as to the penalties to be faced by the tenant in the event of a breach could leave the landlord unprotected in the event of a default.


      Santiago F. Lampón

  2. October 1, 2012 at 2:25 pm

    Thanks for the answer Santiago, I was wondering the same thing. Great post!

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