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A Green Culebra and Vieques – Get Involved

I just got this from a post in Facebook.  I am repeating it “as published” due to the importance of the subject for residents in Vieques and Culebra.

Regardless of how you feel on the subject, I invite you to participate and let your voice be heard. Timely participation is useful, while after-the-fact criticism is usually, well, to-little-to-late.

Cordially yours,

Santiago F. Lampón


James C Petersen . Suzanne Hebert: Radio Woso:Today will be an exciting day on Speakout! First hour we will have Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi. Second hour is Attorney Carlos Geigel who will be speaking about Culebra.

Speakout airs from about 12:15-2:00pm M-F. Call to participate 724.1030! Suzanne Hebert:

Por Favor Culebrenses….manifiestense! The Municipios Lawyer will be from 1:00pm. I was told by a source that the conversation is going to Focus on going “Green” in Culebra….The word we need to get out is that we are going” poor” due to the lack of transportation in Culebra. James C Petersen: I was not aware of the Pedro Pierluisi segment, thanks. In a recent email I outlined concern for the inclusion of Culebra in the Vieques “Green Plan” being steered by a White House commission. The plan calls for electric cars and wind energy development. The two together could spell problems for Culebra in the chance of a de facto approval of windmills for Mt. Resaca etc. I called Yari at Carlos Jeeps yesterday and asked if anyone has previously mentioned electric cars to them, she said No, that means its not for us, any plan that would have include us would have been presented long ago to garner our support, and that’s the point they don’t need our support OR care what OUR opinion is. And that explains my remark yesterday that the “Verde Plan” is for new businesses etc. All in all, a government that could not keep our ferries running, keep our health insurance MCS cards valid, keep our schools staffed, etc etc is now planning a Mega Dock and a complete revamp of electrical infrastructure for our Islands, it doesn’t make sense and it certainly is not for us. It is a raid on Culebra. I just spoke to Carlos Geigel, his focus will be on the environmental damage by Victor Gonzalez, his guest will be legendary diver Harry Hauk.

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