Boston 1800’s Shipwreck at Worksite

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19th century shipwreck found at Boston worksite

Many residents of Boston and the State of Massachusetts follow this blog, hence here is a link to a very interesting piece which came across my news desk today.


Santiago F. Lampón

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Puerto Rico 2016 – A current state of affairs

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Yesterday, I was listening to a radio show on my way home and the subject was the financial issues being faced by the Government of Puerto Rico.  Of course, any subject enjoys a gama of points of view and plenty of people willing to share their opinion with the rest of us.  I am doing it right now.

Yet, one fellow came up and stated the following:  “The Government has shot itself in the foot.  Lack of delivery of services, making things to complicated for the rest of us, irresponsible financial practices, corruption and a series of decisions from administration to administration that has taken them to their current condition.  Yet I, as a  business person, I am doing well.  Business owners are doing well.”

A few hours before listening to this fellow on the radio, I was being interviewed on TV Channel 4.  The reporter asked me about the economy and I had given the reporter a similar response.

I was very happy to see that I am not the only one with the point of view I share on this post.  I am a firm believer that one creates his or her future.  Real estate business is no exception.

I am blessed to have earned the trust of a group of brokers who are hard, ethical professionals always working hard to succeed.  These professionals work with me and my team every week to make real estate transactions a reality, and we do not have time for nor allow any negativity to sorround us at anytime.  Negativity is not allowed in our environments.  We are all being successful, but it is noteworthy that we work hard for that success.

Tough times do exist, but if one works hard, has a good work ethics, has the knowledge on what to do and goes out and actually does it, one will be most likely to succeed.

It is undeniable that Puerto Rico’s Government is going through some difficult times as a result of a series of practices and bad decisions politicians have taken throughout the years.

Notwithstanding this, Puerto Rico’s businesses are stepping up to the plate by improving their services, caring more for their clients, offering better products and better services, and seeking the prosperity available to anyone who works hard to earn it.

Puerto Rico is very well alive, and business people all over the island love being here and work very hard to make Puerto Rico a true island of enchantment.

Welcome home!

Very truly yours,

Santiago F. Lampón

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NEW OVER TIME RULES – December 2016

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The Department of Labor issued a new rule for overtime related to white collar workers.

Here is the link to the news release, and also to the Questions and Answers section which I found very informative.

DOL-Overtime Information

Very truly yours,

Santiago F. Lampón

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Here is a link to an article published today in my Puerto Rico Legal Blog page about property taxes in Puerto Rico.

The information is time sensitive and should be immediately reviewed by any property owner in Puerto Rico, including Vieques.

Here is a link to the CRIM Internet page.  On the superior right hand area of the page, you will find a button to click for ENGLISH translation of the page.

If you want to check on the status of your property tax account, call CRIM with your property tax ID number–in Spanish “número de catastro.”  They have bilingual staff at hand.


Santiago F. Lampón


May 11, 2016 Leave a comment has reported that the candidates to the post of Governor of Puerto Rico will be visiting Vieques to discuss the environment, development, health and other issues of particular importance to Vieques.

The first visit comes from the candidate for party supporting the independence of Puerto Rico, Senator María de Lourdes Santiago.  The event will take place at the FARO PUNTA MULAS starting at 11:30 AM on Sunday, May 15, 2016.

Also confirmed to visit the island are:

Manuel Cidre – A candidate for Governor who is running as an independent.

David Bernier – Who is running under the Popular Democratic Party, which is the party of the Mayor of Vieques, Honorable Victor Emeric.

Other candidates appear to have been invited but are yet to be confirmed.  In this regards, the New Progressive Party will be holding a primary to decide who will be running for Governor on behalf of the party.

There is another candidate running as an independent.  Her name is Alexandra Lúgaro.

The report from Vieques Blog further states that the forums are sponsored by community groups favoring the environment, health and the development of Vieques, and the names in Spanish are: VER; Colectivo Yayi; and Vidas Viequenses Valen.

I continue to recommend that you register at to receive their notices.  They regularly publish in both English and Spanish.

Very truly yours,

Santiago F. Lampón

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Puerto Rico Property Registry – Something New to Report

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Below is a link to an article I recently published at site about a new development relevant to titles in Vieques.


Santiago F. Lampón


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Any town in Puerto Rico or practically anywhere in the World, is not truly in the business of acquiring and selling land for a profit.  Accordingly, any acquisition and subsequent transfer of land by a government entity must serve a public purpose.  Vieques is not the exception.

I approach the practice of law in a very practical way.  I focus on results, and in the real estate business the most sought after result is a registered title.  Accordingly, we are on the lookout for items that get in the way of recording a title.  Whenever we are dealing with titles that come from or emanate as a result of government action, the item we are most on the lookout for are so called “sales restrictions.”

Whenever a government entity sells or transfers land to an individual, one thing they are trying to avoid is the purchase and subsequent sales of that land by speculators, meaning people who buy the land for profit.  The challenge becomes, then, identifying who is buying the land out of necessity versus the one who is buying the land with the sole or main purpose of making a profit.

In comes the “sales restriction” condition or clause incorporated into most government deals.

A sales restriction encumbers a given property for a set period of time.  The terms of the clause or condition need to be expressed through a deed executed by the seller and the buyer of the property, and the deed containing the condition needs to be recorded at the Puerto Rico Property Registry.

Ordinarily, such a clause or condition follows this pattern:

  1. If the buyer (owner) of the property wishes to resell the property in X amount of years from the date he or she acquired title from the town; then,
  2. The buyer (owner) will pay the town a certain amount of money established in the clause or condition, or established as a matter of law or through a City Council Ordinance or regulation. This amount is seeing as a “penalty” and its payment (or release from) is a condition precedent to a closing.
  3. The seller pays the penalty and he or she is then free to sell the property. The new purchase and sales deed would reflect that the penalty was paid.

Of course, if the purported sale is going to be executed after the term for the sales restriction has expired, the sales restriction would be extinguished and the owner is free to sell the property as he or she wishes.

The Town of Vieques has been issuing titles for lots in Villa Borinquen and Bravos de Boston for many years, most of them with conditions establishing sales restrictions.  Various terms have been in effect throughout the years.  At some point in time the sales restrictions would extend for 15 years and, at times, they extended for 5 years.

If you want to know if your title has such a condition or restriction, all you do is read your deed (carefully) and you will recognize if such a language is present by comparing the contents of your deed to my summary (1 to 3) above.

The sales restrictions could be removed or revoked by approval of the City Council and with the Mayor’s consent to the approval.

On October 27, 2010, an ordinance was approved by the Vieques City Council which was subsequently validated by the Mayor, allowing for the removal of certain sales restrictions for some titles granted by the Town of Vieques as laid out in the ordinance.  Nevertheless, the removal of the restrictions is not automatic.  The Ordinance mandates that the property owner coordinates that the Mayor signs a deed validating the removal of the sales restriction, and the deed must be filed at the Property Registry.

As with any ordinance or regulation, the City Council has the power to revoke its prior actions at any time, hence rendering the authorization to remove sales restrictions null and ineffective.  This would meant that sales restrictions would continue to be in effect and cannot be removed.

Of course, for those properties that the deed cancelling the sales restrictions were executed and filed with the Property Registry before the ordinance is cancelled, the removal of the sales restriction would be permanent.


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